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Montblanc’s “Worldsecond” competition starts today

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November 2012

Montblanc is using the ubiquity of the smartphone to stimulate creativity in a new competition that will run for the next couple of months.

To enter the competition, budding photographers need to download an application for their smartphone from the Apple AppStore or Google Play. The application is designed to take a photograph using the device’s camera at specific times that are synchronised, so that all participants will be taking the photograph at exactly the same second.

A countdown in the application shows when the photograph will be taken. The first such “Worldsecond” is scheduled for 1st November at 3:16.01 CET precisely. Participants can apply one of a selection of filters to the photograph before it is uploaded to the website www.worldsecond.montblanc.com, where all the individual photos can be seen.

There will be a total of 60 Worldseconds, with prizes available for the best individual photograph and the best gallery.