Luminox enters the fourth dimension

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February 2013

Back in the days of the multi-billion dollar US space programme, only one brand could claim a link with space thanks to its moon watch. But since the death of the US Space Shuttle was decommissioned, the Russians, with Fortis as their watch partner of choice, have ruled the roost in long-term manned spaceflight.

Today, however, a low earth orbit flight that gives travellers a sense of weightlessness and a unique view of the earth can be had for as little as 200,000 dollars and initiatives such as the Google Lunar X-Prize have helped to boost private research and development into space exploration.

A new venture, the Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) now plans to halve the cost of such flights and offer a one-hour flight up to an altitude of 103 kilometres from the island of Curaçao from 2014. Only one passenger will accompany the pilot in a 6x9m capsule that will be catapulted into space, making the experience all the more unique.

Luminox is heading for space with SXC
Luminox is heading for space with SXC

Luminox watches have signed a long-term agreement to be the partner of SXC. “Luminox and SXC compelement each other perfectly. We are ready to step into the fourth dimension and we are delighted with this new partnership,” said Barry Cohen, co-founder of Luminox.

The brand famous for its proprietary Luminox Light Technology, using microtubes filled with a gas that emits an intense luminosity for up to 25 years, will be presenting a special series of SXC models in the first quarter of 2013.