FH resigns from Swiss business federation

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March 2013

Following a decision by its Board taken on 21 February 2013, the Swiss Watch Industry Federation will resign its position at economiesuisse, the Swiss Business Federation, with effect from the end of 2013.

FH Board members took this decision because they are dissatisfied with the performance and position of economiesuisse on the issue of Swissness. By failing to support the Federal Council’s proposal for industrial products, which calls for a 60 per cent minimum Swiss value for a product to be labelled Swiss Made economiesuisse not only stands in the way of strengthening the protection of this label, but raises the likelihood of it becoming weaker than it is at present.

That position runs counter to the interests of the Swiss watch industry, which is campaigning actively for a strong “Swiss” brand in order to maintain its credibility in Switzerland and worldwide.

The watch industry is undoubtedly the industrial sector most affected by this subject, considering that nearly 100 per cent of its products carry the label. The latter contributes to the attractiveness of Swiss watches and their psychological appeal.

Strengthening the Swiss made label would generally promote industrial activity in Switzerland and job creation.

For all these reasons, the Board feels that the FH no longer has a place in economiesuisse. Nonetheless, the Board does remain open to dialogue with economiesuisse.

Source: FH