U-65 Pocket Watch - The U-Boat Interpretation of a Classic

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May 2013

Italo Fontana, the creative mind behind U-Boat, lives his world through inspiration. Moreover the attention for details, constant passion and dedication to innovation and perfection coupled with an open mind towards the future are the cornerstones of his creativity. Italo has always been free to express himself without being restricted by rules and traditional decrees. His family picture album goes back hundreds of years, with photographs and hand sketches of his ancestors.

U-65 Pocket Watch - The U-Boat Interpretation of a Classic

Looking at fashion today, he felt a nostalgia for some of the formal and informal clothing over time and tried to imagine how to bring back some of the features of the past, when men, in particular,used only pocket watches, not only to read the time, but more so as a sign of distinction, nobility and fashion trend. Putting his pen to paper, he designed his first U-Boat pocket watch.

U-Boat's U-65 Pocket Watch
U-Boat’s U-65 Pocket Watch

Futuristic watch, the U-65 is the well-realized attempt to transform a classic of the 16th century, in something completely new in design, in line with the times and boasting a strong timeless recognized U-Boat identity. It represents a good compromise between functionality, fashion and design. A timeless design, with 3 time zones, using titanium, where every single part, from the particular screws to the fastening devices, has its own feature and purpose, albeit decorative at the same time.

Limited edition at 99 pieces only, a time reading device for the fashion conscious connoisseurs of our time.

Source: U-Boat