The most expensive custom tailored suit in the world

June 2013

With Fathers’ Day rapidly approaching in the Anglo-Saxon world, those looking for a rather unusual gift may wish to consider the world’s most expensive suit, which was presented by watch brand Carl F. Bucherer and SuitArt at this year’s BaselWorld watch and jewellery show.

Called “Diamond Armor”, the suit is bulletproof, equipped with an integrated cooling system and waterproof due to its nanotechnology sealing. For that extra-special touch it is also set with 880 black diamonds (280 on the watch-grade steel buttons and 600 on the lapel and contours, for a total of 142 carats) has a lining depicting artwork by Luciano Goizueta. The retail price: a mere CHF 2.8 million, which includes the original artwork, a Carl F. Bucherer watch and a 24 carat gold tie.

DIAMOND ARMOR suit by SuitArt
DIAMOND ARMOR suit by SuitArt

Technology features:

  • The Diamond Armor is equipped with an integrated cooling system developed by EMPA which pleasantly cools down the wearer at the touch of the button through humidification of water. This is the world’s first air-conditioned suit system.
  • The Diamond Armor is a ballistic suit, which is certified bulletproof according to the NATO standard
  • The top layer fabric of the suit is waterproof due to nanotechnology sealing


  • The silk lining shows the artwork “Unidad Molecular Aleatoria” by the artist Luciano Goizueta, who gained awareness due to the Hollywood Blockbuster “This means war” (2012).
  • The original art piece as well as the limited Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec FourX will be included in the price. The silk tie with 24 carat gold is the icing on the cake.

The “Diamond Armor” is the kick-off to the extended strategy of the Swiss brand SuitArt. The custom tailored supplier is focusing on expansion and will offer the patented air-conditioned suit technology and ballistic suits worldwide. SuitArt’s vision is to build an internationally established franchise system for custom tailored suits with Swiss quality standard.