Project to strengthen Swiss made in the watch industry on track

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June 2013

After six years of work, the Swiss Parliament last week passed the Swissness bill, which sets at 60 per cent the minimum rate of Swiss value for Swiss industrial products. On this basis, the authorities will be able to drive forward plans to strengthen the Swiss made label in the watch industry.

The Swiss Parliament brought to an end six years of discussions and adaptations of the Swissness bill when it passed the law in both chambers. This new legal framework sets at 60 per cent the minimum rate of Swiss value for industrial products. The FH, which has been closely involved in this issue and has consistently supported the 60 per cent rate, applauds this important and very favourable decision.

The bill as passed will bolster Switzerland’s industrial marketplace and employment, as well as the reputation of Swiss products abroad. Above all it answers the wishes of consumers, who rightly expect that products marked “Swiss made” should be manufactured for the most part in Switzerland.

Approval of the Swissness bill was a prerequisite for advancing the project to strengthen Swiss made in the watch industry. The latter, approved by the great majority in the industry and referred to the Federal Department of Justice and Police as far back as 2007, will now be able to forge ahead on a concrete footing. No further obstacles or time limits now stand in the way of commencing the revision procedure.

During this six year waiting period, the watch industry project has by no means lain dormant. It has been the subject of preliminary informal discussions with the Swiss authorities and has already undergone a number of adaptations. It is now time to move to the official phase and the FH is looking forward to this new decisive stage. It will therefore be asking the Federal authorities to resume work on its draft ordinance so that it can be adopted by the Federal Council as soon as possible.

Source: FH