Giantto Introduces Just G - Los Angeles Watchmaking [Video]

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July 2013

The Giantto Group, a prominent Los Angeles based Jewellery Company specializing in original custom jewelry and exclusive timepieces, launches and expands the entire brand Giantto Timepiece collection and release the newest brand Just G worldwide.

Just G Watches
Just G Watches
Left: 47MM Yellow Gold - Middle: 47MM Stainless Steel - Right: 47MM Rose Gold

With continued success and more than positive reaction to the collections, the entire Giantto group itself expands and transforms into an array of artistry and style that transcends typical industry standards. The Giantto Group started off as a high end Jewelry and watch company in 1967, but now is repositioning the brand and releasing designs under the Just G label that can be described as “affordable luxury.”

Just G Watch Campaign featuring “Zombie Boy”
Just G Watch Campaign featuring “Zombie Boy”

“Life is beautiful, Just G is a lifestyle and an attitude found throughout the southern CA coast and is rooted in the feeling of being born and raised in Los Angeles.”

“The Essence of Just G is based on our love of the city of Angels and its constant state of change. With deep roots in beach and CA culture, we are all about positivity and originality. Our brand was started and inspired by the dreams of the youth in mind. Music, art, fashion, photography, and film are the common threads that bring us all together and inspire and change us every day. We are passionate about freedom of expression and the individual voice. We are the dreamers of dreams and the music makers. Welcome to our world of possibilities where time stands still and is all about the now.”

Source: Just G