Graham’s Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery

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July 2013

Graham is possessed by the same passion as George Graham, who in the 18th century, devoted his life to the creation of the unmakeable. One knows this feeling, when you have this strong desire inside, a stomach swarming with courage and ideas that can make you move mountains. It led “Honest” George to transform his world through his art. He is the inventor of the first Orrery in 1713.

Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery - Ref. 2GGBP.B01A
Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery - Ref. 2GGBP.B01A

It would have been unforgiveable for Graham to miss the 300th anniversary of the invention of the Orrery. That is why Graham presents the highest level of innovation in watchmaking with his Orrery wrist machine.

High-technology was used to realize a tri-dimensional Tourbillon Orrery. Set in motion by Christophe Claret Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland, the Orrery includes the Moon, Earth, Mars and the Sun based on a 300-year calendar. The Sun represented by a pink gold (18K) hand-engraved Tourbillon bridge with 2 Phoenix heads celebrates the decoration used by George Graham.

The year counter on the case back enables to identify correction for the planets (Moon: 7 years, Earth: 1156 years, Mars: 25 years). The wrist Orrery developed by Graham is functional for the next 300 years. We will leave future generations to create the third Orrery in 2313. Designed to last a lifetime and longer.

Source: Graham