New brand De Bougainville is born

July 2013

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville was a famous French explorer who sailed the planet at the same time as James Cook and was the first French sailor to travel around the world under sail for purely scientific reasons. It is the same taste for travel and discovery that pervade the new brand De Bougainville, which is based in Plan-les-Ouates, on the outskirts of Geneva.

The brand’s first collection is called “Le Fuseau de la Découverte” and offers a world-time piece with an innovative display that can display the hours, minutes, seconds and date in any one of 24 time zones.

Le Fuseau de la Découverte by DE BOUGAINVILLE
Le Fuseau de la Découverte by DE BOUGAINVILLE

The bidirectional rotating display of the hour means that the hour can be set to any of the 24 time zones immediately. Furthermore, a satellite system connected to each of the cities listed on the dial allows the wearer to see at a glance whether it is night or day in the corresponding time zone. A similar display is used for the local time on one of the dial bridges.

The date function is triggered by simply pressing on the crown-pusher, making it very easy to adjust. The twin barrels of the movement offer a power reserve of approximately 120 hours