Obaku presents two new ladies’ watch variants

August 2013

Danish brand Obaku presents two variants on a theme with its new ladies’ models, which combine a touch of sparkle with the brand’s typically minimalist designs.

The V161 models have a shimmering mirror border and a bracelet that is integrated beneath the watch case, while the V162 offer a completely round design with nothing to disturb the eye.

“We have a very strong line of designer watches for women,” says Obaku Brand Manager, Henriette Arvin. “This newest launch adds a new dimension to our ladies collection. I am certain that the new look will be loved by many of our fans.”

V161 series by Obaku
V161 series by Obaku

A round case and a bracelet
“My aim was to create a super simple watch which is basically only the round case and a bracelet,” says Obaku designer Christian Mikkelsen. “It does not get cleaner than this. The round case practically floats on top of the bracelet, as the integration is hidden under the case.”

Christian Mikkelsen adds that it is fun to put a touch of sparkle to this ultra simplistic construction in the V161 models. “The glimmer of the stones and the reflections in the mirror border gives the watch an ultra feminine look,” he says.

These new models are available in gold and rose-gold plated versions as well as a pure steel version. “Rose-gold is increasingly popular in many of the markets, Obaku is in,” says Henriette Arvin. “The gold and plain steel versions are a must-have. In our Middle Eastern as well as many Asian markets, gold and rose-gold are the top sellers, whereas in many European markets, the customer prefers steel.”

The V162 model offers the ultimate in minimalism, born of Obaku’s desire to remove any unnecessary details. The result is a perfect circle, with both the bracelet and the crown tucked away beneath the case.

V162 series by Obaku
V162 series by Obaku

Completely round
“The trick to making this watch look completely round with nothing to disturb the eye, is to hide the crown under the top of the case,” says Obaku designer, Christian Mikkelsen. “The crown connects to the mechanism that runs the watch, and by hiding this there is nothing left to disturb the eye from the perfect circle. At the same time the integration of the strap is also hidden under the case, so you are left with a completely clean and minimalist sculpture”.

The perfect Obaku circle
The Obaku logo is a round circle that starts out bold and gradually becomes thinner. It represents the Zen circle of life, which symbolizes strength, elegance and the universe. In Zen paintings, the circle symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body and spirit create. “This watch is really a perfect circle, where nothing is left to disturb the eye,” says Christian Mikkelsen. “Quite like our Obaku logo.”