JeanRichard supports the Kind Surf Foundation

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September 2013

Following the founder Daniel Jeanrichard’s approach of passing on know-how and fostering young talents since the 17th century, JeanRichard’s association with Kind Surf is built on these same values to help young people face up to and overcome everyday challenges.

“Frequently, we face situations that demand confidence in ourselves. The time to take any decision – and in terms of surfing – the time to choose the appropriate wave,” said Bruno Grande, COO of JeanRichard. “Together with Kind Surf, we want to help reach children in disadvantaged situations, without resources or with physical or mental disabilities, with a message of hope. Surf is like a lesson for young people, when choosing the wave, choosing the right timing and having confidence in themselves, being brave and persistent – much like in any everyday situation.”

“As no wave is the same, you become more creative and dynamic. Surfing serves as a therapy, helping young people strengthen their own initiative and decision- making capacity,” Kind Surf Founder and President Almudena Fernandez said.

JeanRichard supports the Kind Surf Foundation

Fernandez established Kind Surf this year with the goal of introducing a project that not only allows disadvantaged youth to practice surfing, while helping them to make the very best out of every opportunity, but also encourage them to think about their responsibilities towards the environment around them.

To officially launch the partnership, Kind Surf presented together with a two day event in Zarautz in Spain together with JeanRichard from 29 to 30 August 2013. During these two days spent at the local beach, several activities were laid on for the children present – ranging from surfing, to cleaning the beach or painting.

Source: JeanRichard