Heiner Lauterbach is Vulcain’s New Ambassador

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October 2013

As a watch connoisseur, Heiner Lauterbach has a cultivated sense of technical details, high-quality workmanship and harmonious design. His credo is a perfect fit for the Le Locle-based manufactory, a company dedicated to maintaining the tradition of watchmaking as well as appreciation of luxury, engineering and design.

Left: Heiner Lauterbach - Right: Vulcain's 50s Presidents Chronograph Heritage
Left: Heiner Lauterbach - Right: Vulcain’s 50s Presidents
Chronograph Heritage

Vulcain – a brand in whose grand tradition the “chirping cricket”, the unmistakable sound of the mechanical wristwatch alarm, plays a major role. In 1947, the manufactory presented the first truly functional wristwatch alarm in the world, equipped with the now legendary Cricket calibre. The alarm clock quickly caught on and was finally called simply the “President’s Watch” because Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson all placed their trust in it. In the 1950s and 1960s, Vulcain was also involved in prominent expeditions in the mountains and underwater.
The Vulcain team considers it their duty to keep this tradition alive on the highest possible level through ongoing innovation. The in-house designers are constantly expanding the refined collection, without losing sight of the company’s history.

Heiner Lauterbach is a passionate watch enthusiast and collector. His collection already includes the Vulcain Heritage Model of the Monopusher Chronograph from the 50s President’s Watch line. Vulcain is enriched by this opportunity to collaborate with the actor and to find inspiration in his ideas.

Source: Vulcain