Gc Supports Panamanian Bobsleigh Team Going for 2014 Winter Olympics

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November 2013

Chris Zollinger, a Swiss-born lawyer spent 18 years of his life in Panama before returning to Switzerland with his Panamanian wife and children for a complete career change. Combining his love of winter sport with that of his new adopted country, he followed his dream with the ambition of coaching a bobsleigh team to be good enough to compete to qualify for the Winter Olympics. The task has taken him 3 years, starting from scratch with Panamanian athletes who had to be flown to the U.S. to actually train on snow for the first time in their life.

The Bobsleigh Team of Panama supported by Gc
The Bobsleigh Team of Panama supported by Gc

Highly motivated to be accepted for the qualification races, the sportsmen have given all their heart and efforts into this ambitious project and are ready to hit score for Panama. Also the Swiss Made brand Gc is the result of a dream, realized by the founder of the Guess fashion empire, Paul Marciano, created to become a successful prestige watch brand. Gc fulfills all criteria of highest Swiss quality standards in combination with an outstanding design full of details. Young dynamic ambitious individuals choose Gc to make a statement of who they are and to celebrate their achievements giving them a true feel good sensation. Gc is all about realizing your dreams, also embraced by the Smart Luxury brand essence offering Swiss Made quality with striking design at an affordable price point.

The Panamanian dream was therefore fully in line with the ethos of the Gc brand and its present promotional campaign, featuring passionate men and women around the world as they live out their passions in their daily lives. The courageous Panamanian athletes will be sporting their Gc timepieces and the Gc Smart Luxury logo as they board their bobsleighs for the qualifying rounds of the Winter Olympics in Calgary. They will carry with them the dreams of a whole country and indeed the whole of South America. Whatever the outcome, they have come a long way and theirs will be a Moment of Smart Luxury just to be there as they hurtle down the icy slopes. “The whole ‘Spirit of Panama Team’ is very excited with the partnership we have entered with Gc Watches. Not only do we have in common that time is of essence for both parties, we also decided to realize our dream” states Chris Zollinger. Gc is proud to be by their side.

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