IceLink presents new limited edition Zermatt Gold VII Collection

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February 2014

The “out-of-the-box” brand IceLink is thrilled to announce the launch of Zermatt Gold VII, a 12-piece limited-edition collection (featuring 6 pieces in 18K Rose Gold and 6 pieces in 18K White Gold).

With the original Zermatt limited-edition collection in such high demand, IceLink aimed to create a second version for avant-garde watch collectors and connoisseurs, with special attention given to the dial design.

Zermatt Gold VII in Rose Gold by IceLink (front)
Zermatt Gold VII in Rose Gold by IceLink (front)

The new dial pushes the boundaries of traditional watch design and is inspired by the power of connection.
“There is something magical about the way everyone in this world is linked. The Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away from being connected.” said Director of Brand Development, Suzy Sogoyan.
The new Zermatt Gold VII features a black metallic dial with pathways linking the six zones: New York, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Home zone, and rotating seconds.

Combining the creative extravagance of Los Angeles with the sophistication of Swiss savoir-faire, the watchmakers from IceLink implemented their coveted rectangular mechanical movement, ILMM1, which powers all six zones (cities and seconds) simultaneously. Zermatt Gold VII stays loyal to IceLink’s unique style with approximately 190 grams of 18K Gold on the case. The buckle mirrors the shape of the iconic case and has approximately 15 grams of 18K high polish gold.

The ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass at the back of the watch
The ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass at the back of the watch

Its imposing case measures 63.32mm x 43.13mm exuding masculine appeal.
The unique collection features six functioning zones – five displaying the hour and minutes of New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, home zone, and one with the iconic IceLink logo with rotating seconds, perfectly synced for worldwide travelers.
The 4 cities have an open disc with night/day indicators. The heart of the watch lies in the back of the case where the ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass. The deeply curved case ensures that the watch lies comfortably on the wrist with its black rubber strap and logo buckle.

The Zermatt Gold VII retail price is $97,500

Source: IceLink