Be a part of your National Football Team with Quinting

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February 2014

Made for soccer enthusiasts, this collection of 11 unique hand-decorated with enamel pieces, symbolizes the eleven First team players for each country selected for the next World Football Cup. Now watch aficionados can support their team by wearing this unique watch under one’s National Team Colors.

Quinting's Champions Collector - Switzerland
Quinting’s Champions Collector - Switzerland
Quinting's Champions Collector - Brazil (left) & Nigeria (right)
Quinting’s Champions Collector - Brazil (left) & Nigeria (right)

The brand created this Mysterious Movement Quinting in a limited edition of 11 unique pieces, numbered from 1 to 11 on the player’s shirt. Three hand painted sapphires inside the mechanism: the flag representing the team’s country, turning on the minutes sapphire a player is waiting to goal, and the balloon which can also glows in the dark turning at the speed of an hour… Each hour the player scores a goal for the team.

Champions Collector - Only 11 Unique Pieces

Source: Quinting