FIDES Business Partner Invests in Antiquorum

May 2014

Antiquorum Auctioneers is pleased to announce that FIDES Business Partner, an institutional investment firm based in Switzerland, has made a strategic capital investment in Antiquorum.

The immediate intention of FIDES is to untap the growth potential of Antiquorum through a focused strategy that will unleash its talents and place continued emphasis on exceptional timepieces, unmatched expertise and outstanding customer service.
Through these channels, FIDES will further secure Antiquorum’s position as the industry leader and expand its presence into new key markets worldwide.

"We are delighted to start a partnership with FIDES Business Partner. Together with their knowledgeable and talented team of investors and advisors, we look forward to expanding our global reach and a successful future ahead.” Evan Zimmermann, President & CEO of Antiquorum

FIDES successfully helps mid-size companies with a revenue base of CHF30 -100 million reach their full potential.
Their pragmatic approach to augment corporate performance is based upon a clear strategy that focuses on innovative solutions and reducing operational complexity in order to increase sustainable profitability.
FIDES is an opportunity based investor group that carefully selects companies with attractive market potential demonstrating specific and unique selling points.
The partnership with Antiquorum Auctioneers will mark FIDES’ premier investment in the watch market. Recently, FIDES has partnered with companies in the food, cosmetic & skincare, print and signage industries.

“Antiquorum offers very valuable assets including a strong historic brand; excellent expertise in modern and vintage timepieces; and an outstanding network of passionate collectors. FIDES is eager and proud to collaborate with Antiquorum to maximize its assets and secure its dominance as a unique and focused brand in the watch auction market. We greatly value Antiquorum’s entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to building upon its strengths by applying a focused growth strategy that will enhance the customer experience and result in a leading market position.” Giulio De Lucia, CEO and Co-Founder of FIDES Business Partner

Source: Antiquorum