Novelties from Longio & M.C.H.’s Art of Time

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May 2014

Longio luxury watches from China comes from the shadow of historical skillful craftsmanship, developing itself over time. Its excellent handcrafting makes every timepiece special and offers the best of quality.
Complex art forms with originality, creativity, innovation and artistic charm, Longio’s magical combination of interior and exterior beauty reveals the perfect match between traditional and fashionable elements. Each Longio watch has a distinctive design and fashion-forward concept, making each timepiece stand out in an overcrowded watchmaking environment.

After Longio gained a good share of success, the founder and chief designer Mr. Mi Changhong created and launched another brand M.C.H.’s Art of Time, a top quality artwork with strong Chinese style.
M.C.H.’s Art of Time features a graceful and restrained simplicity and is full of distinctive individuality. With traditional arts and crafts, the brand integrates Chinese traditional culture art into its wrist watches to embody Chinese legends.

Asmara - King of Forest by Longio
The Longio Mexican Straw Mosaic artwork wristwatch Asmara - King of Forest was debuted in Basel for the first time. It was also Longio’s first piece using the Mexican Straw technique.

Asmara - King of the Forest watch by Longio
Asmara - King of the Forest watch by Longio

The design was inspired by the African lion. Thanks to their strong sense of group, nowadays African lions are widespread in the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa while the world’s major classes of large animals are endangered.
Lion has always been compared to a king, and was incarnated with sun, strength, wisdom and justice. Longio’s Asmara - King of Forest salutes the powerful and domineering African lion.

The Sky King by M.C.H.’s Art of Time
It has being human’s dream that one day can soar in the firmament. Eagle spreads its vigorous powerful wings, gallop in the sky against strong wind regardless of the chill, roaring waves, sharp rocks or hot desert... The eagle is a symbol of power and freedom. It thus fit perfectly the dream of M.C.H.’s Art of Time’s Sky King that soars in the firmament.

M.C.H.'s Art of Time Sky King
M.C.H.’s Art of Time Sky King

The 3D Mexican straw mosaic art make it actually a relief as the precision keen eye and robust posture, revealing the awe-inspiring inviolable spirit, majesty but elegant. Featuring a blue Mother of Pearl dial, like a deep sky over the Eagle, leaving the dial blank as a space for the imagination.

Limited Edition of 99 pieces

Source: Longio