Montblanc Launches First Truly Integrated WeChat Campaign

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May 2014

As part of the first truly integrated WeChat campaign, Montblanc launches an interactive in-app game on China’s most popular social network, WeChat, a cross-platform social mobile app that has secured 396 million monthly active users.
The game revolutionizes the digital landscape of luxury brands as it implemented an interactive mechanism unprecedented among major players on WeChat.

Montblanc Launches First Truly Integrated WeChat Campaign

The game is part of a major campaign launched in April by Montblanc to celebrate 90 years of its iconic Meisterstück (Daban in Chinese) collection.
On this occasion, Montblanc managed to bring its WeChat followers from online to offline (O2O) in order to attend its Black & White exhibition held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on the 22nd of April 2014.
WeChat followers registered to this event through the mobile app and received customized electronic invitations dynamically generated by the application, more than 1’000 registrations were generated for the 4 days exhibition.
On the day of the event, Montblanc also took full advantage of WeChat to improve the user experience as it implemented customized QR codes all across the exhibition providing the users with additional multimedia content.

Montblanc Launches First Truly Integrated WeChat Campaign

The game launched this Monday focuses on driving engagement on WeChat through the concept of Daban, which directly translates to “big boss” in Chinese.
For the occasion, Montblanc promotes its own vision of a Daban, a successful person who behaves in line with the brand’s values of elegance, sophistication and leadership. The game allows thousands of followers to submit their own pictures and get rated by the community to determine whether or not they possess the characteristics of Daban. It is the first time that this level of involvement is offered to WeChat users by a luxury brand.

Since the beginning of this year, Montblanc has been one of the first luxury brands to concretely integrate WeChat in its strategy. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that WeChat would play a big role in the Meisterstück Celebration Campaign.

“Our digital presence is the best way to support our ambition to rejuvenate Montblanc and reach younger users and WeChat is instrumental in achieving this. We are”digitalizing“our brand in China and it is only the first step”. Julien Renard, APAC President of Montblanc

The digital activation was led by Digital Luxury Group. Pablo Mauron, General Manager of Digital Luxury Group China recalls: ‘As usual with Montblanc, the brief was very ambitious but they trusted our work and gave us all the support to develop this unique campaign, which leverages to the maximum on WeChat unique capabilities and which is supported by a strong multi-channel digital amplification strategy.’

Source: DLG