Christophe Claret Delivers its First Poker Timepiece in Asia

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July 2014

The Christophe Claret brand is pleased to announce that, as promised, the first Poker timepieces have been delivered to clients in Asia, versions in white gold/grade 5 titanium and red gold/grade 5 titanium.

Presented in January this year and already available in fine watch boutiques, Poker is the latest in the series of Gaming Watches from the master watchmaker, following on from the brand’s Blackjack and Baccara timepieces.

Poker by Christophe Claret
Poker by Christophe Claret

At the heart of this mechanical marvel is a movement capable of orchestrating a complete 52-card game, following all the rules of Poker, specifically its most popular variant: Texas Hold’em. In total, Poker packs in 32,768 different combinations; that’s 98,304 combinations between the three players.

It took more than three years to perfect this intricate complication, with no fewer than 655 components. The principle behind the mechanism is as follows: the cards are dealt by means of pushers which spins the four concentric discs on which the cards are printed to shuffle them.

Poker Timepiece by Christophe Claret
Poker Timepiece by Christophe Claret
Christophe Claret's Poker timepiece movement
Christophe Claret’s Poker timepiece movement

When the spinning stops the cards are dealt on the dial in three windows featuring angled shutters to ensure that each hand is invisible to the other players. In addition, with each press of the pusher, a cathedral gong chimes. And yes, the Poker watch also gives the time! Perfectly legibility is guaranteed thanks to the eye-catching ruby or spinel and black PVD-treated titanium hands. The transparent case-back provides a view of the oscillating winding rotor, which is also a playable roulette wheel.

Poker is available in four versions, each one in a limited edition of 20 pieces

  • Black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium and white gold; with orange ruby and black PVD hands
  • Black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium and red gold; with red ruby and black PVD hands
  • Black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium, with blue spinel and black PVD hands
  • Black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium, with red ruby and black PVD hands

Source: Christophe Claret