88 Rue du Rhone Now Sold at Manor in Geneva and Vevey

October 2014

The brand has proudly announced that its timepieces are now available in Switzerland at famous retail stores, Manor Geneva and Vevey.
The first collection of the brand named Double 8 Origin is now displayed in the origin country of the brand and the watchmaking’s cradle.

This opening is part of 88 Rue du Rhone’s expansion and represents a new addition to the brand’s distribution among almost 40 countries from the launching in 2012.
Each new market is obviously an emotion and a pride, but this, is a particular event for the brand.

88 Rue du Rhone Now Sold at Manor in Geneva and Vevey

Since almost two years, Pierre Bernheim and his teams have worked tirelessly to develop a classic, yet modern collection of Swiss timepieces that will appeal to a new generation of watch enthusiasts across the globe.
His historic family roots have led him to accomplish a strong passion and desire to leave its very own mark within the watch industry. Grandson of the famous Swiss watchmaker, Raymond Weil, he knows what it takes to develop a strong Swiss brand. To be present in the brand origin country and moreover in the prestigious and Swiss store, Manor, is a real sign of achievement.

“It is a great pride that8 Rue du Rhone marks the establishment of its history in Switzerland, in the city of its origin. And this is only the beginning of its Swiss expansion.” said Alexis Gouten, owner of Gouten Distribution.

Manor is the largest department store chain in Switzerland, gathering some of the most prestigious luxury brands. Manor is always full of superlative goods and services, from fashion and accessories for women and men to ethnic foods and gourmet foods.
This high-class department store has requirements that are precious for8 Rue du Rhone: quality, design, excellence and customer servicing.

Double 8 Origin (Ref: 87WA130018) 45mm Quartz Watch by 88 Rue du Rhone
Double 8 Origin (Ref: 87WA130018) 45mm Quartz Watch by8 Rue du Rhone

“We are proud to offer our clients a unique experience in Manor Jewellery and are convinced that this special concept and the new brands will delight the visitors.” said Markus Kueng, Buyer at Manor.

The presence of8 Rue du Rhone in Switzerland, and this, just after the two-year anniversary of the brand is a tremendous accomplishment.
Since 2012,8 Rue du Rhone has succeeded in establishing itself in no less than 40 countries and 800 stores.
Manor has now joined the retailers’ list of the brand with Selfridges, Bloomingdales, Tourneau, Karstadt, Consul Group, Harmony and many other well-known partners.

The brand is delighted to be in Manor Geneva and Vevey, and soon in Manor at the Geneva airport.
“We took time to distribute our brand in our own country because we wanted to collaborate with the best partners. We are very proud to launch the brand in Switzerland with Gouten and display our collection in Manor, recognized as a very famous store in our home market. Having a presence in their stores is truly an honor and great opportunity.” said Pierre Bernheim,8 Rue du Rhone CEO and co-founder.

Source:8 Rue du Rhone