A New Business Journal for Switzerland

January 2015

Europa Star HBM SA releases Europa Star PREMIÈRE, the Swiss watch market’s business journal. This 32-page French language publication is the first business journal of its genre and is the only one entirely dedicated to the watch industry’s ecosystem (which employs almost 60,000 people in Switzerland and reaches millions of consumers).

Click on image for e-paper sample
Click on image for e-paper sample

Europa Star PREMIÈRE speaks directly to the watchmaking industry and furthermore to lawyers, bankers, retailers, engineers, insurers, consultants, trust funds, designers, financial advisers, architects, IT specialists, the leisure and service industry as well as hotel managers, artists and researchers who operate within and around this vital sector of our economy.
The publication is based on the business relationships between the above actors, using watchmaking as a common denominator.
Stepping away from the usual watchmaking press essentially centred on the product and its promotion, Europa Star PREMIÈRE aims to become a tool for contemplation, overpowering the web’s short-lived articles to offer its readers a rich, deep and diversified content on every aspect of the industry.
In short, a “pure paper player” - in other words, a journal!

Lead by Serge, Philippe and Pierre Maillard, Europa Star PREMIÈRE also invites many contributors and columnists, each specialised in a particular sector of the watch world, to offer their view and experience within the pages of the publication - whether their input be technical, economical, legal, media-centred, sociological, historical or even artistic.

Pertinent – and impertinent if required! – during this period of interrogation, Europa Star PREMIÈRE wishes to encourage debate, decipher information, raise questions and offer a path of food for thought to a watchmaking industry that finds itself standing at a crossroads.
News Stories, debates and round tables, views, analyses and even outbursts, share the field with objective data, encrypted and decrypted.
Distributed every two-months by individual mail to 5,000 business decision makers in Switzerland, Europa Star PREMIÈRE is the result of a successful collaboration between two generations of journalists and publishers specialised in watchmaking.
The journal wishes to agitate the present and help to fashion the future of watchmaking, sometimes looking back on the past of Switzerland’ s foundations, thanks to Europa Star’s wealth of data.

Europa Star PREMIÈRE’s goal is to become an indispensable intermediary for the Swiss watch industry’s identity. It opens its advertising and pages to all the participating actors.

Publication on the 19th January 2015.


Europa Star HBM SA
Route des Acacias 25
1227 Genève
Phone: 022 307 78 37
Fax: 022 300 37 48
E-mail: [email protected]

Responsible publisher: Serge Maillard

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About Europa Star HBM:
Since 1927, Europa Star has been an “editorial manufacture” exclusively dedicated to watchmaking’s promotion, its actors and brands across the globe. A reference in the watch world, Europa Star HBM’s publications and websites include the following titles: Europa Star Europe, Europa Star International, Europa Star China, Europa Star USA & Canada, Europa Star en Español, Europa Star Ukraine, Europa Star Première,,, /,,,, CIJ Trends & Colours,, Eurotec,, Bulletin d’informations.

About Europa Star PREMIÈRE:
Distributed during 17 years exclusively to watch manufacturers as a newsletter , the new Europa Star PREMIÈRE now becomes an innovative business journal for the Swiss watchmaking industry in its entire ecosystem. Already enjoyed by watchmakers, Europa Star Première now reaches out to a wider readership that includes lawyers, bankers, retailers, engineers, insurers, consultants, trust funds, designers, advertisers, architects, computer specialists, graphic designers, photographers, hotel managers, philosophers, artists and researchers.

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