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Alpina Watches Ambassador Patrick Sweeney Establishes World First on the Everest

March 2015

Alpina Watches athlete and Brand Ambassador Patrick Sweeney, a technology entrepreneur turned adventurer, reached Everest Base Camp by mountain bike at 09:45 Nepal time on Monday 24 February, becoming the first person to be verified by the officials at Sagamarth National Park to officially conquer the 18,000’ high iconic location by mountain bike, after a treacherous and exhausting six day ride starting from Lukla, Nepal.

The trip, a scouting and reconnaissance expedition for Sweeney’s attempt this fall to complete the legendary Sherpa Mail Run by mountain bike from Base Camp to Kathmandu – touted by many as the world’s most extreme route. During the February scout Sweeney was surprised to learn that while other athletes had attempted to reach base camp by mountain bike in the past, no one was successful either because of physical issues or permitting issues, making Patrick the first to successfully accomplish the feat.

Alpina Watches athlete and Brand Ambassador Patrick Sweeney on Mount Everest
Alpina Watches athlete and Brand Ambassador Patrick Sweeney on Mount Everest

“I want to prove that the Mail Run can be done on a bike. Getting to base camp was just the start, even though it was the most difficult ride I’ve ever done. However to find out I’m the first official rider to reach this iconic spot is a huge privilege and gift.” Commented Sweeney
“the Nepali people along the route were very kind and supportive. For many of them it was the first time they had seen a bike. I wish all the order pioneers who tried to blaze this route by bike could share the moment, and I hope this recognition inspires others to plan their own amazing adventures. I’m intimidated and nervous about the mail run attempt, yet confident it can be done.”

“I’m fast but he’s furious!” Said Tina Maze fellow Alpina athlete and recent winner of four medals at the FIS Alpine skiing world championships “It’s great to be part of such a diverse team of athletes at Alpina. We are all committed to raising the bar and inspiring others while never forgetting our roots.”

“We are proud to support Patrick Sweeney who is living his passion with perseverance and independent thinking,” said Guido Benedini CEO of Alpina, “Alpina’s core values were exemplified by Patrick in doing something that many have talked about, but not attained. We’re very proud of his monumental accomplishment and are anxious to see his fall attempt at the Sherpa Mail Run.”

Source: Alpina