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WATCH OF THE DAY Wednesday: The $399 GOLD Apple Watch!? [Video]

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April 2015

Each Wednesday, we feature a special watch that caught our eye. This week, we profile the Apple Watch, and show you how to get the gold edition at a fraction of the price!

The entry level Apple Watch costs about $399, while a more “basic” gold version can set you back approximately $12,000. (I say basic because other models, like those with a gold-linked watch band, would cost up to double that.)

Of course, if you are fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, you get your custom-made gold Apple Watch before it becomes publically released, and all that for free! Not bad, given that his Apple Watch is estimated to cost upwards of $25,000. And of course, it is not available for purchase by the public.

But you don’t have to be Karl to have a gold Apple Watch on your wrist. You don’t even need to have the measly $12,000 for the publically available model. All you need is $399 and the creativity of viral video creator Casey Neistat. We just saved you about $11,600. You’re welcome. (VJ)

Source: The Verge