The new Slim Classique by Ralph Lauren

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September 2015

Celebrating the beauty of exceptional materials and the sleek proportions of a bygone era, the Ralph Lauren Slim Classique timepiece collection reflects Ralph Lauren’s passion for impeccable quality and exquisite design.

Trends come and go. But the reason why something is called a “classic” is because it is timeless. It can be plucked out of the past and be placed in the present, without missing a beat. The established brands have that figured out. They all have one (or several) classic collections, because classic sells. And by colouring within the lines, so to speak, they appeal to the median - yet discerning - consumer.

Ralph Lauren is a company that works the classic angle rather well, be it in haute couture or haute horlogerie. As Ralph Lauren has said:

“I like places and objects that transform us that take us somewhere else for a day, an evening or just a moment. I like the romance of films, cars, Cole Porter tunes and Frank Sinatra songs. They all have one thing in common: they are ageless. They are timeless.”

The new Slim Classique by Ralph Lauren

Launched in 2008, Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Company, surely aspires to be timeless as well. The joint venture between Ralph Lauren and Richemont - two leading luxury companies - has produced a unique partnership. The watch collections feature the highest-quality Swiss Made manufacture movements thanks to Richemont’s expertise in the field. They also embody Ralph Lauren’s most iconic inspirations, from the Ralph Lauren Stirrup watches to the 867 timepieces that comprise the Sporting, Safari and Automotive collections.

The Ralph Lauren Slim Classique collection is another that can be added to that list. It represents timepieces that epitomize sophistication and elegance, as classics tend to do.

The new Slim Classique by Ralph Lauren

Right in time for the 2015 holiday season, the brand has introduced four new Slim Classique timepieces showcasing richly colored dials. Translucent blue or purple lacquer on the dial enables one to admire the central “barleycorn” guilloché décor. Their design offers a striking contrast between classical aesthetic codes and vibrant contemporary colors.

The bezel of each model is adorned with either this same guilloché décor or a row of 60 brilliant-cut diamonds. Crafted in 18K rose gold, the timepieces are accentuated by gold Breguet-style hour and minute hands, and are fitted with elegant black alligator straps with rose gold pin buckles.

The new Slim Classique by Ralph Lauren

All those qualities have a timeless feel about them, befitting the name of the watch. Yet, their slim-profiled 32 mm cases house Swiss quartz calibers, which arguably dampens the classic feel about them. According to the brand, such calibers allow for “carefree maintenance”. However, in my experience, everything that is classic and timeless requires, and indeed should require, at least some maintenance. So it’s welcome news that the larger 38mm and 42mm models of the Slim Classique come with mechanical movements instead.