Linde Werdelin resurfaces with the new Oktopus MoonLite – White

October 2015

Linde Werdelin’s Oktopus MoonLite was a hit at BaselWorld 2014. Its successor has now emerged from the depths: the Oktopus MoonLite – White, a limited edition diver’s timepiece made of a special space-age material that allows the watch to blend with its surroundings.

At last year’s BaselWorld exhibition, the Linde Werdelin’s Oktopus MoonLite created a splash. Despite having completely sold out, there was a bit of uncertainty about how the timepiece would be received before its launch. Morten Linde, the creative mind of the brand, explains:

“Due to the unusual appearance of ALW, before we launched the Oktopus MoonLite I was uncertain about how it would be received. But when we saw the positive response to it, we knew it was something we wanted to revisit. Returning to the design is a chance to change not only one thing, but to re-evaluate it as a whole timepiece and tweak multiple elements.”

Linde Werdelin resurfaces with the new Oktopus MoonLite – White

The ALW that Linde is referring to is the Alloy Linde Werdelin, which, much like the brand carries the name of its two co-founders, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin. ALW was originally conceived as an aerospace material, designed for high performance and low failure rates as required by the industry. The alloy has been repurposed by Linde Werdelin for exclusive use in its timepieces. It creates a protective layer that is twice the strength of steel and half the weight of titanium, making their watches extremely resistant to scratching.

Linde Werdelin resurfaces with the new Oktopus MoonLite – White

Featuring many new refinements, the Oktopus MoonLite – White is the Danish brand’s revisitation of the 2014 model. But the use of ALW, albeit in a colourless variant which produces the white look this time around, remains the same and produces a similar effect. Like a camouflaging octopus in real life, ALW gives the new Oktopus MoonLite – White colour changing properties. The material absorbs light from its surroundings and subtly reflects them back, allowing the timepiece to adapt to its environment much like its deep-sea dwelling namesake the octopus.

Linde Werdelin resurfaces with the new Oktopus MoonLite – White

The new bezel is the major transformation from the former model. The white ceramic, with circular satin finishing, both contrasts with, and complements the ALW case. The redesigned five-layer dial has been skeletonised further compared to the predecessor, opening up a second aperture at the 10/11 o’clock position. This rework allows the wearer to see more of the photorealistic phases of the moon more easily, an important part of the Linde Werdelin Universe.

This in-house complication is an important feature of the watch, as co-founder Jorn Werdelin reveals:

“The moonphase to us has real meaning. As divers, it helps us plan our next moonlit dive adventure under the full moon. Meanwhile, the octopus is a creature you would barely believe existed without photographical proof. It has eight arms, incredible speed and projects ink, but, most fascinatingly, it can change colour. This intrigued us, and we are delighted we could mimic this in the Oktopus MoonLite – White.”

Linde Werdelin resurfaces with the new Oktopus MoonLite – White

A multi-layer octopus motif is also engraved on the case back, as well each timepiece’s series number, limited to 59 examples. Priced at CHF 18,000, the Oktopus MoonLite – White will likely follow its predecessor and sell out quickly, as well.

Technical information


  • Colourless ALW; satin and microbillé finishing
  • Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on the inside
  • Crown: titanium; screw-down; circular satin and microbillé finishing; engraved with an octopus icon
  • White ceramic with circular satin finish
  • Titanium screws with circular satin finish; white tension discs


  • Réhaut and top dial: white colour, circular satin finish
  • Lower dial: white; rough circular satin finish
  • Hands in titanium colour; satin finish; cool grey Luminova
  • Large numerals 3, 9 and 12 in cool grey Luminova with blue frame
  • Hour indexes and logo in cool grey Luminova with blue frame
  • Minute indexes and logotype printed in blue
  • Circular perlage surface on metallic silver-white moon disc
  • Blue “0” indicates current moon phase; orange numbers indicate past and future moon phases


  • 44mm (w) x 46mm (l) x 15mm (h)


  • Bespoke LW calibre with in-house photorealistic moonphase complication
  • Power reserve: 42 hours
  • Balance frequency: 28,800vph (4Hz)
  • Jewels: 25


  • Interchangeable rubber strap in white; titanium ardillion buckle with satin finish

Water Resistance

  • 300m