The double effect: Hysek’s Verdict Double Tourbillon

November 2015

The leader in metallic sapphire dials, Hysek has pushed its creative boundaries once more with the new limited edition wristwatch that is twice as accurate and that much more iridescent, too.

Hysek made a splash in 2003 through the release of two pioneering models, first the X-Ray tourbillon, followed closely by the XX-Ray double tourbillon. The two models offered a unique sapphire glass placed on the dial side, complete with a metallic color treatment.

Twelve years on, and the brand has continued to perfect the technique. The result is the Verdict Double Tourbillon, featuring a blue sapphire dial which boasts a color range that is richer and deeper than the previous models.

The double effect: Hysek's Verdict Double Tourbillon

Apart from the two tourbillons, the manufacture movement of the watch is revealed in its entirety on the dial side. The upper side of the timepiece is enveloped by the new iridescent sapphire, producing on interplay of contrasting yellow, blue and orange highlights. It creates a tinted effect, producing virtually any hue of highlights imaginable, resulting in a cast of subtle color variations for the movement it houses.

The movement of this watch is as much of a work of art as the dial. The 44-jewel and 331-part HW06 caliber has been designed, produced and assembled in-house. And it features the first-ever automatic double tourbillon. Double the number of tourbillons, double the accuracy. It’s simple math, right?

The double effect: Hysek's Verdict Double Tourbillon

While they are independent from each other, the two tourbillons are joined together by a central differential, which distributes force evenly to each of the two balances. This allows regulation of the tourbillons’ speed, and as a result the movement’s rate becomes the average of the rate of each tourbillon. In turn, this allows greater accuracy of the caliber.

And as long as we are doubling things, Hysek has added a double micro-rotor to its movement, too. The first one is made of 22k rose gold, and is placed on the dial side. The second one is crafted in platinum, a precious and heavy metal chosen for its increased winding potential, which is placed on the back of the movement.

The double effect: Hysek's Verdict Double Tourbillon

Both micro-rotors are coupled by a single ceramic ball-bearing, avoiding the need for lubrication and improving long term performance. The key advantage of the double micro-rotor is esthetic; Hysek’s emblematic mechanism actually maximizes the visibility of the movement. As an added benefit, it also boosting the winding power of the movement.

The inaugural edition of the Verdict Double Tourbillon was a limited eight piece release in 18k rose gold. Now, the 46mm Verdict Double Tourbillon is available in Grade 5 titanium, also limited to eight pieces. Things are just so much simpler when you work in multiples of two.