Christopher Ward’s new look

May 2016

The successful direct to consumer watchmaker has undergone a serious makeover, including new watches, a new logo, and a new signature identity.

Christopher Ward has made a lot of fans since it launched about 11 years ago. The UK-based company has focused on providing good value. Their direct to consumer approach meant lower prices for quality pieces and a closer connection with consumers.

The business model also allowed the watchmaker to offer a very wide proposition. They produce both quartz and mechanical watches using some common Swiss movements. But they also boast modified movements, and more recently their own in-house movements, starting with the SH21 calibre.

Christopher Ward's new look

Looking at the evolution of their movement development alone, it hints at the evolution of the company. The changes really started back in 2014, when the company merged with Swiss movement maker Synergies Horlogères. Having its own atelier and manufacturing division in Switzerland, the old branding didn’t seem representative of what the company had become: more modern, and definitely more capable.

So we now have a new look brand, including website, logo, watches, and design personality.

The new logo is more minimalistic and gets straight to the point: “Christopher Ward” printed in a modern serif font.

Christopher Ward's new look

The logo will be found at the 9 o’clock position, which is unusual in the business but it does make sense. We usually read left to right, and this way you’ll be sure to notice the name on the left-hand side of the dial. The positioning somehow feel like it’s a bit out of place (to me at least), but that’s exactly what makes it memorable. A clever strategy, if that was the intent.

Another important change in the re-branding of Christopher Ward has been the new signature style, focused on finer finishing. This is clear with the bevelled edges of the new Tridents’ cases, for example. What’s also clear is that the company is trying to forge a new personality and distance it’s look and designs from other classic models, which purposefully borrowed from some of the world’s greatest watches. That should also help attract a younger and less traditional-minded clientele.

Christopher Ward's new look

Among the first new watches to sport the new look are two variants of the C65 Trident, the Trident Classic MkII and the more compact Christopher Ward C65 Trident Vintage. And you can expect the entire Christopher Ward offering to slowly be replaced or revamped to fit the new look over the next few years.

Despite the brand’s cosmetic makeover, this is more than just a logo change by Christopher Ward. It’s a statement of what the company is all about, and what it has become after more than a decade in business. Change for the better in all senses.