Couture Las Vegas

June 2016

Interview by Jeta B

With 265 exhibitors, the 2016 COUTURE show in Las Vegas remains a destination for the luxury jewelry market. This year they launched the COUTUREtime, bringing 20 international watch brands as exhibitors. We spoke to Elana Cutler, the show manager about what’s new and exciting at COUTURE.

What should people expect from COUTURE 2016?

Five days of top-notch amenities, business, friendship, fun, and a little bit of sun (if you are lucky).

You have more exhibitors this year?

Yes, this number is up from last year which can be attributed to our expansion of COUTUREtime into Encore. We will have about 20 of the world’s top watch brands at this year’s show, not just US brands, but from all over the world.

Is COUTUREtime here to stay?

Absolutely, 2016 is just the beginning for COUTUREtime! We are looking to create a similar environment in Encore for the watch companies with salons, as well as smaller spaces for niche brands.

Couture Las Vegas

This year’s COUTURE Design Awards will be honoring Cindy Edelstein?

Cindy Edelstein defined the jewelry industry and was a huge force at COUTURE. Icannot share too many details about the tribute, but I would recommend anyone attending to bring tissues when attending the Awards on Saturday evening in the Encore Ballroom. Cindy’s presence will be missed greatly at the show and at all shows to follow. On a lighter note, we will be making the event more interactive. We can’t wait to see what these amazing designers enter this year.

COUTURE is 21 this year, hitting the drinking age in the US. Where will you be celebrating?

At our Opening Party, of course. TV on The Radio will be performing. Like every year, this invitation-only event, open to our brands, our cornerstone retailers, and press, should not be missed. Everyone is in a good mood on the heels of a successful opening day, they’re breathing in the warm, fresh air, and enjoying catching up with friends over cocktails and dinner.

Couture Las Vegas

What is special about COUTURE?

Its overwhelming sense of community. All of the established brands really do feel they’re exhibiting among their peers, and our emerging talent in Design Atelier have such reverence for the dedesigners who have paved the way before them. There is a true sense of camaraderie, and a generosity of creativity and spirit that I’ve never seen elsewhere. We’re all in touch via email and social media throughout the year, but seeing everyone together in one location one time a year is truly special!

What excites you personally about COUTURE?

The jewelry and the people! I honestly feel that this job was created for me. I cannot get enough of all of the designs, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about the phenomenal watch brands on display. Favorite moment to date? I’ve literally watched a designer bring a retailer over to another designer’s salon because she knew the retailer would love the brand!

COUTURE: June 2-6, 2016 / Wynn Las Vegas