Tempo Squelette, the latest from Pilo & Co Genève

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June 2016

Exclusively dedicated to women, the independent Swiss brand’s newest timepiece represents true micromechanical style in motion.

Tempo Squelette, the latest from Pilo & Co Genève

The times, they are a changin’. Bob Dylan wasn’t exactly singing about the watch industry in his 1964 hit song by the same name, but the title definitely applies to what women want from their watches today.

Many women are no longer satisfied with fashion watches that look good but stop every few years when the battery runs out. Increasingly, women want something of an existential mechanical beauty, not just superficial beauty. They are looking for a watch that blends trendy fashion with traditional mechanical function.

The Tempo Squelette Dame by Pilo & Co Genève satisfies both needs.

Tempo Squelette, the latest from Pilo & Co Genève

Its sparkling bezel, set with 50 varied and colourful stones, provides the fashion. Three different models come in steel with daring touches of blue, pink and white. Complemented by a leather strap which is secured by a deployant buckle, the Tempo Squelette’s contrasting features are sure to stand out from the crowd.

The skeletonized watch movement itself has also become the accessory in this timepiece. The finely executed movement is encased in a 38 mm diameter steel case, which is on the larger side and caters to the demands of the more contemporary customer.

But the Tempo Squelette is also true to Swiss tradition. Its design is inspired by the style and spirit of ‘La Fabrique’. Since the 18th century, ‘La Fabrique’ refers to all the independent businesses associated with watchmaking in Geneva. Back then, the industry employed up to 20% of the town’s population and it became part of the its culture.

Tempo Squelette, the latest from Pilo & Co Genève

Founded in 2001 by Amarildo Pilo, the vibrant brand has been working well within that tradition, and at the same time managed to develop no less than 140 fresh designs. The brand’s creations are a throwback to the period in history when independent workshops distilled their top-quality watchmaking and combined it with the artistic work the jewellers.

From its stone studded bezel to its skeletonized movement, the Tempo Squelette by Pilo & Co Genève captures the mood of the moment while at the same time honouring its roots.