Ochs und junior lightens up for summer

July 2016

Less is more. The latest release by the Lucerne-based watchmaker - the annual calendar LIGHT - is impressively 40% lighter than the original.

Ochs und junior lightens up for summer

Ochs und junior is one of those brands that actively avoids the traditional luxury watchmaking aesthetic. Take their innovative annual calendar watch. It demonstrated a unique complication: an analog dot displaying the date through a small perforation in the dial. The impressive watch was also packaged extremely lightly – coming in at about 70 grams for the larger 42mm model.

Now the brand has taken it one step further - they’ve dropped around 40% of that original weight in their latest release, the annual calendar LIGHT.

The new version is still quite robust - it has a water resistance of up to 50m and a titanium case. It even looks identical to the original annual calendar model. So how did they do it?

Ochs und junior lightens up for summer

The brand used three techniques to drop the extra weight. First, they radically milled the case, thanks to the skill of case manufacturer Peter Cantieni. Formerly making high-performance titanium parts for the Swiss Formula 1 team Sauber, Peter mills the cases out of single blocks of grade 5 titanium.

Second, the manufacturing of the dial, gear wheels, hands, and crown was done in a far lighter material than brass: aluminum alloy Al Mg Si 1. A complicated name to be sure, but it results in a brilliant effect on the dial. The material is especially well-suited to anodization, creating contrast between dial components without the need of paint and the extra weight.

Ochs und junior lightens up for summer

Third, the strap and buckle of the watch were redesigned. The tailor-made strap is made of kevlar and the buckle is now made of carbon fiber, saving even more on weight.

When it’s all said and done, the 39mm version of the annual calendar is 36% lighter than the original, and the 42mm is nearly 40% lighter.

The brand plans to manufacture only about 10 annual calendar LIGHT watches this year. Coming in at about 9,200 Swiss francs - and with the option of open-ended customization - Ochs und junior will have no problems finding the customers for them.