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Cheers to the Macallan x Urwerk Flask

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April 2017

Whiskey connoisseur meet watch aficionado. The unique collaboration between the distillery and the watchmaker have produced the most advanced flask to date.

Cheers to the Macallan x Urwerk Flask

It’s Friday, and many of us will be unwinding after a long week with a drink (or two). But sometimes, what you drink is as important as how you drink it.

For the watch aficionados out there looking to elevate their cocktail game, no need to look much farther than the watch industry. That’s because Urwerk has paired up with fancy whiskey maker Macallan, and they have made the Macallan x Urwerk Flask.

Cheers to the Macallan x Urwerk Flask

Not much creativity in terms of the name, but the execution is creative indeed. In fact, the flask might even be over engineered. After all, a flask is meant to be one of the simplest and most practical objects we own.

But this is no simple flask. It is probably the most technically advanced and luxury drinking vessel you will ever come across. According to the brands, this is “purposeful complexity” and nothing less. But I suspect that it’s only as purposeful as drinking itself.

Cheers to the Macallan x Urwerk Flask

The flask is indeed engineered like a timepiece. But I should disclose at the outset that this piece does not, in fact, tell the time. It is made up of over 150 components, however, which is more than many of my watches have.

It is machined from aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, and on the inside it hides twin titanium tanks. Each has a 108ml capacity, which means that you to carry two of your favourite beverages everywhere you go. Of course, the designers have included a mouthpiece that rotates so you can select between the different whiskeys and drink like a gentleman.

Cheers to the Macallan x Urwerk Flask

In addition, there are winglets which create a sort of stand for the flask. There are also cask indicators that allow you to track what drink is inside, as well as it’s age. That’s useful when you’re sharing with someone that might not be worthy of your 30yr old Macallan whiskey and should rather have the Johnnie Walker Red Label. (Just kidding! Sharing is caring.)

With this collaboration, the whisky connoisseur meets the watch aficionado. And I must say, there are worse pairings than fine whiskey and fine watchmaking. The flask is released in a limited edition of 500 pieces and costs more than 2,000 Swiss francs.

Enjoy responsibly.