Timex introduces contactless payments

October 2017

In what is a new category for the fashion watchmaker, the new Fairfield series features contactless payments powered by bPay.

Timex introduces contactless payments

No wallet? No problem! At least that will be the case if you have the new Timex Fairfield Contactless watch strapped around your wrist.

The new series is a great example of affordable style that also incorporates basic smart functionality. The straps – which will be initially available in either black or brown – feature a chip that makes it all happen. They can also be purchased separately, which essentially means that this wearable technology can be brought to any timepiece that will fit.

The system enables wearers to make safe and fast purchases of up to £30 at over 490,000 locations across the UK. On top of that, wearers will be able to track their spending, add to their balance, and have more control overall using the bPay app or website.

The added value is found in the leather strap, which offers contactless payment capabilities thanks to the bPay technology. Otherwise the watches will retain the same styling that the fashion brand is known for. That is, they are pared down, functional, and of course very affordable.

The entry price point of the Fairfield Connected chronograph - one of the brand’s best-selling styles - model will be no different. It is expected to retail for £159 when it is introduced to the UK market this November.

The ‘touch and go’ technology is certainly the way forward in terms of retail transactions. And the new system will no doubt be a hit with shoppers who are looking for an easy and convenient way to check out, even if they forgot their wallets at home.

That’s why it’s great to see a brand like Timex getting into the contactless payment game. As one of the world’s biggest watchmaker, Timex is responsible for millions of watches sold each year. And if the majority of them eventually feature this technology, the wallet may go by the wayside sooner than we think.