ZRC announces new North American adventure on Kickstarter

October 2017

From diving in the Atlantic to trekking across the Arctic, the watchmaker with Swiss and French roots invites you on its latest adventure.

ZRC announces new North American adventure on Kickstarter

In 2015, ZRC resurfaced with a relaunch its iconic Grand Fonds 300 wristwatch. First made in 1953, the original GF300 was a response to a tender for equipping the French Navy. Since then, the brand was a go-to choice for functional diver watches.

The sporty and very distinguishable 2015 edition watch was a fitting tribute to the brand’s original timepiece, and it also included innovations like the ECS (Easy Clean System) patent.

ZRC announces new North American adventure on Kickstarter

The next step on the ZRC adventure is to push the limits further. That includes a 1,500km journey across the North West passage on a solo ski kite journey. Explorer Alban Michon will kick things off in March 2018 from the Inuit Village of Kugluktuk and he is expected to reach his destination by mid May at Resolute Bay in the Canada’s “Great North”.

Just to provide a bit of context: the same journey was first made by a Norwegian explorer back in 1906, but that journey took an entire crew and 3 years to complete. This time around, Alban Michon will go solo and aim to complete it in a fraction of the time.

To make the 1,500km journey across the icy northern terrain in temperatures as low as -45°C, Alban will need a trusty tool by his side. Hence, the new ZRC North Adventure - an Extreme new tool watch version of the classic GF300.

ZRC announces new North American adventure on Kickstarter

The watch has been equipped with an extra large black NATO strap, making it possible for Alban to wear it over his gear. To add more robustness, there is a 4mm anti-reflective sapphire glass with a specific treatment that resists any form of condensation, which would otherwise be a problem in the serious cold of the north.

To achieve the best possible visibility during “under the icepack” dives, the dial and the bezel indexes have been treated with pure white SLN - X1. There is also a glass magnifier for a better date reading, since Alban will face constant daylight during his exploration.

ZRC announces new North American adventure on Kickstarter

The robust tool watch is equipped with a modified 2824-2 ETA movement. To ensure its functioning under ice cold temperatures, it was modified using special joints and special lubricants. The original crown has also been enlarged to ensure that it can be manipulated with ease, even when the fingers go numb from the cold.

To make the exploratory adventure possible ZRC fans and adventurers alike can support the cause through the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.