Alexander Shorokhoff’s Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

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November 2017

Alexander Shorokhoff's Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

The latest watch by the German watchmaker demonstrates a combination of artistic techniques on an attention-getting dial. Underneath, the watch remains as German as ever.

Alexander Shorokhoff's Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

What I like about Alexander Shorokhoff’s timepieces is that they don’t strike me as specifically “German” in their aesthetic. The watchmaker takes some risks in terms of its styling, which makes their timekeepers unique and almost art-like.

But don’t get me wrong, I also like the other aspects that German watchmaking is usually known for. And you can rest assured that with an Alexander Shorokhoff watch you will still get the qualities that German watches are known for: efficient designs, excellent execution, and great price to value ratio.

Alexander Shorokhoff's Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

The brand has been using that combination to great effect to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and the Camomile model is a good example.

The new release is found within the Alexander Pushkin line – who himself was a great poet and writer – so we would expect some artistic flair from this timepiece. And this fascinating “fairytale of flowers” would probably touch even Alexander Pushkin himself.

Alexander Shorokhoff's Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

The main attraction of the watch is without a doubt the dial, which really lives up to the “Art on the wrist” theme of the collection. We see a combination of different applied techniques, like hand engraving, laser engraving, and manual enamel coating. The result is quite captivating, producing a fascinating three-dimensional picture.

It’s quite impressive what the brand has managed to accomplish on the dial side of the Camomile, especially when considered that it only developed over the last few years.

Alexander Shorokhoff's Camomile, a new “fairytale of flowers”

Despite the dial being the star attraction, the movement is also worth a mention. The Swiss automatic calibre has been reworked by the brand, like all others it uses in its watches. That includes re-engraving and rhodium plating, as well as being tested and adjusted over 21 days in 5 positions to ensure accuracy.

A stainless steel case completes the look, with its polished brushed finishing, capped off on both sides with sapphire glass.

The Camomile has been released in a limited edition of only 5 pieces – with another 5 models released an “Imperial” dial motif. Each retails for a fraction under 5,000 euros.