DeWitt’s “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

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January 2018

DeWitt's “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

The novel watch design is consistent with the strong and distinctive character of the Swiss watchmaker. But what exactly is an “endless screw", and why does it matter for this watch?

DeWitt's “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

Many watch brands would like to think that they offer “sophisticated” looking timepieces. But many times sophisticated becomes confused with “complicated”. Take for instance a skeletonized tourbillion with minute repeater – it’s a complicated movement to be sure, but that might not mean that it’s sophisticated.

DeWitt's “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

DeWitt has presented something a little less complicated than a skeletonized tourbillion with minute repeater with its latest novelty, the Academia Endless Drive, but it sure does look sophisticated.

The most striking feature of the innovative watch is the dial, whose centre features a rotating “endless screw”. This unique design element – which horizontally bisects the dial – is inspired by automotive mechanics, the field that brand founder Jérôme de Witt has a passion for.

The engineering team and watchmakers of the Geneva-based manufacture based this innovation on the standard in-house DeWitt 5050 automatic movement.

DeWitt's “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

The helical screw is linked to the power reserve’s winding system, which can be seen with the gears on either size, peeking through the aperture in the centre of the dial. As the 59-hour power reserve of the watch decreases, the screw rotates. When the barrel is wound, the screw slides on its longitudinal axis.

The feature also has a symbolic function. The nature of the curves of the screw impose a unidirectional rotation, which denotes the constant and irreversible passage of time.

DeWitt's “endless screw” Academia Endless Drive

What defines the excellent package is the layout and design of the hand-crafted dial. It sports contrasting sub-dials on either side of the screw, which indicate the hours and minutes via two discs located at 9 and 3 o’clock.

This original watch by the new entrant at this year’s SIHH Carré des Horlogers is packaged in a well-sized 42.5mm 18-carat rose gold case that adds to the overall balanced look of the watch.