Glycine power up Mediterranean Presence

November 2003

From Bahrain and Brazil to Taiwan and the USA, Glycine is a prestigious name in watchmaking: in the course of nearly one hundred years, the Swiss manufacture has established a global reputation as a specialist in precision timepieces.

Currently, Glycine is strengthening its presence in the Mediterranean region, successfully developing the important markets in France and Spain. Aficionados in both countries are eagerly embracing the inimitable models with the Glycine signature. The company's national distributors in the region - DIVERSO DISTRIBUIDORA in Spain and S.I.M.T. in France - are proactively expanding the distribution of Glycine watches on a broad scale.

Lagunare ChronoEugène Meylan 2003 model

Glycine Watch SA, headquartered in Biel, Switzerland, is solidly positioned around the world and has an excellent horological reputation built up over nearly a century. In the past few years, the reputable company has attracted considerable attention in many key markets with its eclectic collection of mechanical timepieces. It thus comes as no surprise that the Glycine collection is now also headed for success in the important Spanish and French markets as it broadens its presence in the Mediterranean region.

Glycine's national distributor DIVERSO DISTRIBUIDORA has meanwhile opened more than 40 points of sale for Glycine watches in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar. In the up-and-coming French market, S.I.M.T. has launched points of sale among others in the cosmopolitan resort of Saint-Tropez, in bustling Marseille, and in Paris, the French capital. Katherina Brechbuhler, directrice of Glycine Watch SA: “We are delighted about the successful forays of our national distributors; they are strengthening the recognition of our brand by showcasing our products in key European markets. We will spare no effort to keep living up to our reputation as a specialist for unusual and impressive timepieces. Creating watches that address the expectations of consumers in these fashion-conscious countries is a challenge we love to take on again and again.”
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Source: Glycine Press Release
November 2003