Poiray, the famous parisian jewellery business purchased by the Perficio Group

October 2003

Poiray, the famous parisian jewellery business, purchased by the Perficio Group

Lac Investment SA, the Swiss holding company, announced the acquisition of Poiray Joaillier Paris, of which the Perficio group will assume the actual management. This step forms part of a commitment to boost the image of a renowned brand while enhancing its distinctive heritage.

Founded in 1975, Poiray experienced rapid growth. As well as having a significant network of retailers at international level, the company now owns several boutiques and in-store shops in France and in Japan, its two main markets. This famous brand has acquired a unique standing among lovers of beautiful jewellery, but it now needs to redefine its identity.

The Perficio group therefore plans to reposition the brand both in terms of image and markets. This strategy is focused on very practical immediate steps, such as the design of a new logo and the launch of an advertising campaign in autumn 2003. These steps were preceded by in-depth work started in the first half of 2003, which strove to develop new international markets and to streamline the French market.

The watch and jewellery collections will also be rethought in the context of the repositioning strategy put in place by the Perficio group. Thus, the composition of the product range will be simplified to communicate a strong and coherent identity. A new collection, which will be launched in spring 2004, will also testify to the revival of the Parisian brand.

Mr. William J.-G. Devine, who has been appointed head of the Poiray Joaillier Paris, will be responsible for implementing and coordinating the new strategy. He has already announced that this restructuring will not lead to any redundancies among the Paris-based staff, since the aim is to preserve the existing skills while pursuing new developments for the brand.

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Source: Perficio SA press release
October 2003