The Kolber Collection at Basel 2003

April 2003

The Kolber Collection at Basel 2003

Kolber presented its collection to selected guests during a reception held at Basel's Hotel Europa.

Kolber's Salesteam performed a dancing show on stage, stepping on little cases which finally displayed the Kolber watch range to the public. The wonderful magician Frank Borton performed tricks that left the audience much amused and in wonder at his maestria.

The Vision of Kolber aims to offer the perfect harmony of tradition, innovation and cosmopolitan attitude. Based in Geneva, the watch brand features a palette of six ranges which are Passion, Finesse, Petite, Action, Eternel, and Pocket Watch.

Magician Frank Borton (right) with a consenting victim

Europa Star team

Frank Borton in action

Casey Bayandor (Europa Star), Karen Schaffner (VNU eMedia) and ValÉrie Kuster (Kolber)

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April 2003