Aquanautic Chronograph “CUDA®”

April 2003

Aquanautic Chronograph “CUDA®”

CUDA-AQUANAUTIC watches establish themselves by their pioneer spirit and totally “steel” nature. Small wonders of contemporary design, the “CUDA®” chronograph managed

- indeed - the difficult chemistry between aesthetic and technique. Women's finest wrists,
array themselves of the PRINCESS “CUDA®” Watch version (33 mm).

BARA “CUDA®” Watch
Of Swiss manufacturing, these time-keepers, which combine themselves in the masculine as in the feminine, can boast to be modern, original, elegant and athletic at the same time. And the back is worth the front since in the heart of this BARA “CUDA®” Watch jewel (39 mm) beats a movement of a quartz calibre ETA 251.471.

PRINCESS “CUDA®” Watch and BARA “CUDA®” Watch

Stocked with every “CUDA®” watch, this specially designed screwdriver allows not only to
change bezel and mask, but also to replace the interchangeable strap.

Bezel and mask
Every “CUDA®” model can be decorated of interchangeable bezel and mask, set with
diamonds or plain; all you have to do for this is to unscrew the four (4) BTR screws set at
12:00, 6:00, 3:00 and 9:00.

Strap and buckle
In any occasion, the “CUDA®” chronograph can be different in order to better adapt itself. Its
interchangeable strap is able to give itself classic airs (topstitched genuine calfskin leather,
or stainless steel, 316L), elegant ones (topstitched genuine alligator or “Croc'Line” leather),
or maintain its athletic spirit (P.U.-rubber). Every strap is accompanied by a patented,
double-prong buckle, with the exception of the stainless steel, 316L strap, which has its own “butterfly” lock, also in stainless steel, 316L.

Case - Back
Every “CUDA®” chronograph is protected by a three-dimensional CUDA-AQUANAUTIC
“Seahorse” logo on the back of its all stainless steel, 316L, case.

Case - Side
Every PRINCESS “CUDA®” Watch case is decorated with the specially engraved
AQUANAUTIC trademark on its left side rim.

Counter and propeller
Located at 6:00 of every “CUDA®” dial, is a counter with a special,
original and patented “Off-Shore” propeller.

Source: Aquanautic press release
April 2003