Alfex's new “Bango-Time”

March 2003

Alfex's new “Bango-Time”

In time for the 2003 BASEL FAIR, this spectacular watch model by design student Maren KrÄmer will be presented in the new Alfex Switzerland collection. It is the outcome of a design competition at DÜsseldorf University professionally supported by Georg Plum, chief designer at Alfex.

Georg Plum sees sound reasons for the dedicated and selective promotion of newcomers. The trained goldsmith and graduate jewellery designer who has won many international awards himself studied at this University in the late eighties. With his graduation work, which embodied a totally new interpretation of classical watch styling, he introduced himself in 1991 at the DÜsseldorf Jewellery Fair where Alfex discovered him.

In the meantime, Georg Plum has been responsible for more than ten years as lead designer for styling the highly successful Alfex collection of watches and jewellery, which are pioneers in the branch. With many prizes and other distinctions, from the “Red Dot Award” to the “Good Design Award”, the world's oldest design prize, he has helped since 1991 to pave the way for modern and stylish linear forms in watch design.

In addition to his work as a chief designer, Georg Plum offers professional career opportunities to young designers in his own design studio. He accompanied the winner of the design competition, Maren KrÄmer, with her “Bango-Time” model until it was ready for production and acknowledged her work with a design contract.

With its formal language and underlying idea, “Bango-Time” fully reflects the innovative product concept of the Alfex brand Switzerland and its “dare to be different” global brand philosophy. At first sight, this is not a watch but a striking non - conformist piece of arm jewellery in the Pop Art style. This bangle watch plays on the theme of time in a totally new approach. The wearer is encouraged to identify in a self-assured but reflective manner with time - her time. In a subtle, dynamic, flexible and ergonomic way, the attractive bangle moulds itself to the lines of the wrist. An opening at the end of the bangle contains a high gloss polished stainless steel surface on which time is mirrored and reflected inspirationally - to all intents and purposes invisible to anyone other than the wearer herself. On the opposite side, the watch is embedded in the matching new and specially developed highly elastic rubber material ELASTEN 3000.

This bangle watch is at one and the same time original in its function and an attractive piece of jewellery. The topic of time is experienced afresh and reflected in this exceptional piece. Because everything is relative - including time. As is so often the case, it all depends on the observer's own angle of vision.

The time-mirror bangle is a spectacular new development: a convincing expression of the design expertise and the innovative spirit of the ALFEX Switzerland brand.
“Bango-Time” is available in the following four colours: precious black, elegant beige, light summer blue and signal red. Swiss made, stainless steel, anti-allergenic, water- resistant to 30 metres. Available from selected retailers from the end of April 2003.

Design: Maren KrÄmer
Contact: [email protected]
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Source: Alfex press release
March 2003