o.d.m. receives Certificate of Merit

November 2002

o.d.m. receives Certificate of Merit

o.d.m.'s Mysterious I DD90 had been awarded the Certificate of Merit in the consumer product category by Hong Kong Department of Industry in 2000. This has been an encouraging news to our colleagues and friends who are working on the brand building in their territories.

From years of development, o.d.m. has been designing different generations of this Mysterious series, based on buttonless mechanism and featured with different kind of elements & values. All those are reflecting the strong spirit and continuous effort put by o.d.m. team members to strive for continued innovation and consistent brand identity.

In October 2002, the Mysterious series (I, II, III, IV) are again gaining the Certificate of HKEIA AWARD for outstanding innovation and technology products. This is to certify that the o.d.m. “mysterious IV” had gone into final round in the consumer electronics category, granted by the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association.

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November 2002