November 2002

Italian Court grants Glycine Watch SA seizure of watch fakes
against Griggio S.p.A. in Rome.

The Swiss watchmaker Glycine Watch SA has won a first battle in its legal struggle about the ownership of its trademark GLYCINE. The Civil Court of Rome admitted its claim against Griggio S.p.A. for infringement of its trademark rights and unlawful competition. Admitting Glycine's request for conservatory measures against Griggio the Court ordered the seizure of all watch stocks, parts and sales documentation bearing the trademark GLYCINE. It further formally prohibited Griggio S.p.A. and Ildebrando Griggio to use the trademark GLYCINE, by producing, selling or advertising watch fakes and ruled that the decision be published, at Griggio's charge, in 3 major italian newspapers.

The traditional trademark GLYCINE is registered since 1965 in the name of the Swiss Company and protected worldwide, including in Italy.

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Source: Geri Staudenmann
November 2002