Alfex: Just married

November 2002

Dare to be Different by Alfex

Under the slogan “Just Married”, the M&M Swiss Watches brand which is well known in Germany has been renamed ALFEX Switzerland. The background to this change is simple: for over 25 years, all the products of the DÜsseldorf-based watch and jewelry brand M&M Swiss Watch have been made by ALFEX in Lugano Switzerland. ALFEX has international distribution channels in over 50 countries worldwide. In Germany, Austria, Poland and the Benelux countries, the ALFEX collections have up to now been sold under the M&M Swiss Watch brand. In August 2002, the uniform international presence of ALFEX Switzerland became official in over 55 countries worldwide!

The new single international slogan “dare to be different” is used to describe ALFEX products and the persons who wear them. They are jewelry and watch lovers who have sufficient confidence to stand out from the crowd: challenging, passionate, straightforward and confident.

The new Flat Collection is a watch line for ladies and gentlemen, a top quality wrist watch collection which is certain to become a timeless design classic with its traditional, understated styling.
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Source: Alfex media release
November 2002