Goldpfeil auction in Geneva

August 2002

Christie's auction of the “One-of-a-kind” Goldpfeil Genève creations

On November 20th 2002, 4 pm, the auction of the 7 Goldpfeil Genève
“One-of-a-kind” creations is to be held under the auspices of Christie's.

These unique and timeless watches crafted by master-watchmakers Svend Andersen, Felix & Thomas Baumgartner, Vincent Calabrese, Vianney Halter, Frank Jutzi, Bernhard Lederer and Antoine Preziuso, all members of the famous AcadÉmie Horlogère des crÉateurs indÉpendants (AHCI), are undeniably destined for an impressive future.
Svend Andersen
Thomas Baumgartner
Vincent Calabrese
Vianney Halter
Frank Jutzi
Bernhard Lederer
Antoine Preziuso
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Placed under the hammer of the famous Christie's auction house, these watches represent a genuine investment for the person placing the highest bid.
In addition to the fact that these timekeepers are the first creations from a rapidly expanding brand that has already gained recognition among the great watch collectors, they offer their future purchasers significant value added thanks to their unique nature and the double signature they carry.
For the first time, 7 members of the AHCI work hand in hand with a watch brand, interacting with each other while retaining their own identity and personality which give rise to the diversity of the Goldpfeil Genève collection.

7 personalities, 7 creations, 7 different styles...

Like the craftsmen who made them, the watches made for Goldpfeil Genève feature an unrivalled spectrum of know-how and originality.

Tremendous creativity and technical expertise are displayed in uniquely different ways: through divinities from Greek mythology for Svend Andersen, inspiration drawn from a 18th century Italian clock for the Baumgartner brothers, the first centre jumping hour model ever for Vincent Calabrese, the astonishing display on three platinum dials including a thermometer for Vianney Halter, an exquisitely fashioned tourbillon for Frank Jutzi, a new anner of showing the time by Bernhard Lederer, and finally the entirely innovative case shape for Antoine Preziuso.

Currently featured in a travelling exhibition that is circling the globe in order to meet a wider public, the 7 one-of-a-kind creations will be back in Switzerland this autumn, before setting off once more to the four corners of the earth with their fortunate owners.

Christie's auction of the “One-of-a-kind” creations
November 20th 2002, 4 pm
Richemont Hotel, Geneva
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Source: Goldpfeil press release
August 2002