Catamaran transat and Tornado watches

June 2002

Catamaran Transat and Tornado watches

The Swiss watch brand CATAMARAN was founded in 1983 in La Chaux-de-Flonds by the Swiss watch factory Consul, itself founded in 1900.

The catamaran is a boat that combines lightness with extreme reliability. This sailboat, with two adjoining hulls, designed by fishermen, came into being on India's eastern coast. The Tamil terms 'katta' (link) and 'maram' (wood) introduced into the languages of several countries of the world as a type of small craft, which very rapidly became a legend in the records of competition sailing, and whose first gold medal was won in 1976 at the Montreal Olympic Games.

Bearing in mind these definitions, it was quite normal that from 1983, Montres Catamaran should associate its image with sports and leisure.

All through the 80s, Montres Catamaran's sponsorship centred mostly on the world of sailing.
From the 90s, Catamaran began to build its long term personality as a watchmaker, which led quite naturally to the expansion of its sponsoring activities. At first in the world of sailing and, from 1994, in the world of motor sports (Formula 1, 24 hours Le Mans, rallies, Paris-Dakar, etc).

From 1995, Catamaran added the world of sliding (skiing etc) to its sports, followed in 1998 by the extreme sports (snowboarding, wind-surfing, etc), without forgetting a technical presence, with its timekeeping.
CATAMARAN TRANSAT II Gent's (8015) & Ladies (8016)


Source: Catamaran press release
June 2002