Candino Real Swiss-made Quality Watches

June 2002

Candino, real Swiss-made quality watches

CANDINO was founded in Switzerland over 50 years ago - in 1947, to be precise - by pioneering watchmakers. Little could they have known what a success story their daring would become. We know now. The founders` staying power and innovative ideas have turned CANDINO into one of the leading and most creative brand-name watches in Switzerland.

To strengthen the market presence and to profit from the synergies, CANDINO has been integrated into the Festina Group in January 2002.

In the house of CANDINO, the combination of creativity and quality is more than a nice idea. Day after day, the company's inventors and perfectionists demonstrate their staunch commitment to setting new standards in developing and producing new models. It is an endeavour made easier by the company`s own, integrated development and production departments, which allows for a swift and flexible approach to every aspect: from assembling movements, through design, to the finished watch - CANDINO's striking, unconventional creations prove day after day that the highest quality Swiss watch can meet the highest demands.

The 120 employees with premises in Biel and Herbetswil, Switzerland, not only supply the Swiss market, but export watches to over 65 countries worldwide. Key sale areas are Europe and the Middle and the Far East. All CANDINO watches are produced at the factory in Herbetswil, near Solothurn, at a rate of up to 2,000 quality watches per day.

It is a challenge to be in the vanguard of the tough watch market, and to set new trends. CANDINO realized this early on and opted for innovative products developed in-house. For example, the display for the phases of the moon in 1983, the compass watch in 1987, the high-tech carbon watch in 1998 or the ceramic watch in 2002.

CANDINO offers various lines to satisfy diverse needs. There is a watch for every occasion and for every taste. The collection consists of four main lines of watches of identical quality but varying prices: CLASS, VITALITY, HARDSHELL and CRAFT. Four lines for individual tastes: classically elegant, sportily vibrant, tough, or timeless. With mechanical or automatic movements, each of these lines meets the highest standards of quality.
Ceraline - The pure lines of Ceraline

The pure lines of the simple design are set off to perfection by the choice of material and the striking impression of depth. The raw ceramic material is formed from a zircon oxide base under high pressure and at a very high temperature. This ceramic is then polished. The watch case and bracelet take on a captivating, almost mystical sheen. Diamonds in the black face enhance the appearance of stylish elegance. This is echoed in the bracelet, where ceramic and steel combine in a harmonious whole that is as attractive as it is resilient. The material used is lightweight, very skin-compatible and extremely hard. It can only be scratched by diamonds or corundum. Obviously, such beauty has its price, in the form of increased risk of breakage (it is a law of physics that the harder a material is, the more brittle it is). However, this risk has been reduced to a minimum by combining the ceramic with steel. The Ceraline is fitted with a quality Swiss quartz movement. With its screwed case back the watch is guaranteed waterproof to 30 m and comes in various different versions, with and without diamonds, for ladies and gentlemen.

Extremely hard, scratch-proof and heat-resistant ceramic watch case and bracelet
Black face, with or without diamonds
Scratch-proof sapphire crystal
Bracelet a combination of ceramic and high-quality steel, with threefold butterfly clasp
Quality Swiss quartz movement
Antiallergenic material
Ladies' model diameter 26.5mm, gents' 35mm

Y-Design - The ladies' choice

Do you set great store by classical elegance, while keeping your mind open to new designs? Are you looking for a watch that has no need of fashionable ornamentation, yet still underlines your individuality? Then the rectangular Y-Design was made for you. Its appeal lies in its unusual, Y-shaped join between casing and strap on the one hand, and its highly individual colour scheme on the other hand. Just as special as the shape of this watch is the interplay between face and strap. For the latter you can choose from Italian calf leather in burgundy, black or blue, or “Tirina” leather in burgundy, silver or blue, both the finest soft leather. The face harmoniously echoes the grained appearance of the leather. The polished steel watch case of the Y-Design is available in bicolour or PVD-coated, all in yellow; also available round, with or without zirconia stones.

Watch case high-quality steel, bicolour or PVD
Grained face in a variety of colours
Convex mineral crystal
Strap in a selection of different colours and leathers
Quality Swiss movement
Waterproof to 30m
Rectangular watch case: 24.7 x 37.6mm
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Source: Candino Press Release
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