November 2001

Mauboussin's success story

Since 1827, Mauboussin is a family-run and independent structure.

1869 The House of Noury who preceded Mauboussin participated at two universal fairs in 1873 in Vienna and in 1878 in Paris with a really innovating design.

From 1920 until 1940 Mauboussin is a reference in terms of Art deco style. Georges Mauboussin manage the company and Pierre, his son, was in charge of the international development, opening showrooms in New York, Rio de Janeiro, London.

Mauboussin refines its own style and becomes a jeweler playing with the color of the precious stones.

From 1940 until 1970 Mauboussin style, based on cabochon cut gems, attracts Hollywood stars such as Garbo, Marlène Dietrich and Paulette Goddard. The natural world inspires a profusion of rich ornamental brooches with bouquets of flowers, butterflies, birds....

In the 80's and 90's, the design is characterized by smooth lines and by a new harmony of materials : mother-of-pearl, gold and diamond. This trend gives birth to the Nadia line and forecasts the creation of the House of Mauboussin for the coming years.

In 1994, the watch-making development of Mauboussin :
Mauboussin has the strong will to merge the Swiss made high technology with the French high jewelry savoir-faire. Two lines will become the success and the identity of this work : Lady M watches for women (1994) and Fouga watches for men (1999).

Mauboussin enters the third millenium with the launch of the first fragrance for women. Mauboussin also surprises with the new alliance of rock-crystal and diamond : the Transparence line, declined in rings, earrings and necklaces.

Nowadays, Patrick Mauboussin runs the family business. With his visionary and creative set of mind, he is spreading the brand worldwide, opening showrooms in Taiwan, Singapore, Monaco, Japan all places with the very same identity of the house of Mauboussin located in the famous Place Vendôme.