Nina Ricci

October 2001

Newly appointed representatives for Nina Ricci watches in Switzerland

On January 1, 1999, Time Avenue SA was awarded the exclusive licence for the production and distribution of Nina Ricci watches. Since early June of this year, Time Avenue SA has been present in the Swiss market with the watchmaker's new collections. Today, Nina Ricci watches are successfully marketed in 32 countries. The envy of many, Nina Ricci watches have also received an enthusiastic response in Switzerland.

Time Avenue SA concluded an exclusive licence agreement for the Nina Ricci watches. Marketing in Switzerland commenced in early June of this year. Designed to reflect the new spirit of the times, these watches correspond to the Nina Ricci philosophy and address today's modern women. What makes Nina Ricci watches stand out is the bold choice of materials, such as the blend of steel and diamonds, combined with the sensuous curves and sleek profile of their contemporary look. Bold contrasts are also at play in the world's only digital Swiss-made watch designed exclusively for one of the watchmaker's high-end models. These creations are not only intended for active women sensitive to innovation but also for men who seek to combine elegance, clean design and integrity in objects of daily use which embellish their lives. In terms of quality, Time Avenue SA accepts no compromise. This is why Nina Ricci watches are made by Roventa-Henex SA, acclaimed watchmakers in Biel, Switzerland.

Since early June, Marc Barrachina has been responsible for the distribution of Nina Ricci watches in Switzerland. In this interview he explains his objectives and expectations and portrays the philosophy of Nina Ricci.

Marc Barrachina, you have been in charge of the Swiss market for Nina Ricci watches since early June. How do you feel in the face of such challenge?

It is very exciting to take on such a responsibility when dealing with a prestigious brand. But I have always had a soft spot for the “French Touch”. I easily identify with Nina Ricci. In addition, at Time Avenue, I am surrounded by a young and very motivated team for effective support. Being a Nina Ricci distributor implies being the ambassador of a very demanding brand.

When you hear the name Nina Ricci, you associate it immediately with perfume. Isn't that a disadvantage for someone like you?

This is far from being a drawback. Nina Ricci is a brandname of world renown whose notoriety we are able to tap. Normally, watches are not associated directly with fragrances. But the spirit of Nina Ricci is ever-present. This is anything but trivial.

In fact, who is the Nina Ricci woman?

Today, eight women out of ten lead active lives, nurture romance and are very much attached to the spirit of our times. The women who choose Nina Ricci are very sensitive, demonstrate discretion and are truly sensuous. Nina Ricci takes women seriously and underscores their natural femininity as they embrace “Urban romance”.

You also distribute Nina Ricci watches for men. What are the men like who wear Nina Ricci?

The man who wears a Nina Ricci watch is not particularly keen on standing out by what he wears. Instead, he values discretion, he dares to be discreet. A Nina Ricci watch underscores his true personality rather than reflecting what he is not.

What are your strategic priorities?

Our strategy is very simple: to develop outlets in sufficient numbers to be geographically representative. But I wish to emphasize that we value quality, not quantity of our points of sale. We collaborate only with retailers who take their customers seriously. Our objective is to have one point of sale in each city in Switzerland.

The Nina Ricci watches are manufactured in Biel by Roventa-Henex SA. Is there any special reason?

Once again, we value quality. Roventa-Henex SA is one of Switzerland's top watch manufacturers. We want a watch that is 100% Swiss-made. Our partner must comply with our requirements; its corporate culture and spirit must coincide with ours. Nina Ricci accepts no compromise when it comes to quality. What truly matters is accessibility, functionality and quality.

What is your USP?

Designed by Giampiero Bodino, the N005 is the world's only digital watch entirely Swiss-made. With 17 fine segments making up each numeral, the timepiece is unique and testifies to the technical prowess of its makers.

I am a woman. Why would I choose to wear a Nina Ricci watch?

Your contemporary lifestyle, the choice of a watch brand which makes you feel at ease and which underscores your beauty. Especially, if you subscribe to the sparkling and dynamic spirit of Parisian elegance.

Your choice will be dictated by your will to lead an active life, not to stand on the sidelines as a spectator ...

Source: Nina Ricci press release
Oct. 2002