About Nina Ricci

September 2001

With watches singled out as a major component of its development strategy, Nina Ricci granted an exclusive license in November 1998 to Time Avenue, a company based in Neuchâtel, the cradle of Switzerland's watch-making industry.
Time Avenue benefits from sound technical expertise as well as extensive experience in the areas of product positioning, marketing and the international distribution of watches.
In response to this new challenge, Time Avenue seeks to communicate the spirit of Nina Ricci to the new watch collections. Distinctive features are the daring choice of materials such as steel and diamonds, sensual refinement and sleek design. Tribute is also paid to bold contrasts such as the integration of digital movements designed exclusively for high-end models.
These creations are intended not only for active women who embrace innovation but also for men in search of elegance, purity and sincerity when choosing objects that embellish and pace their lives.

The luxury and prestige of a French brand
With operations extending in the areas of fashion, perfumes and beauty, Nina Ricci is one of France's premier luxury brands with great international notoriety.
Founded in 1932 by Mrs. Ricci, the haute couture company soon became one of the French capital's most elegant meeting places. Mrs. Ricci's style combined perfection of figure, foremost femininity, refined materials and craftsmanship as well as flawless production.
The first perfumes were launched in 1946 under the auspices of the founder's son, Robert Ricci, who became a leading figure in France's luxury goods industry.
When it diversified its activities to include perfumes, Nina Ricci gained new perspectives and scored an exceptional success with its “L'Air du Temps”.
Headquartered on Paris' Avenue Montaigne, Nina Ricci is a brandname found on all five continents today.

Support from an international group with ambitions for growth
Nina Ricci has been part of the PUIG Group since January 1998. Today, the Company's Chief Executive Officer is Mariano Puig, CEO of Paco Rabanne and associate CEO of the Puig Group.
Founded in Spain in 1914, the family-owned Puig Group posted consolidated sales of USD 750 millions in 2000 with international sales accounting for 60%.
Based in Barcelona and recognized as Spain's perfume market leader, the Puig Group chose to develop its activities in high value-added sectors by buying or acquiring an interest in companies whose brands enjoy great notoriety.
The acquisition of Nina Ricci is part of a development strategy aimed at strengthening the market penetration and prestige of the Nina Ricci brand and at underscoring the sense of romance underlying its international success.
Today, Puig is a wholly-owned multinational family business with worldwide operations and a variety of brands.
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