August 2001

The watch company Formex Watch Ltd. in Nidau/Switzerland launches this summer a world novelty: the Formex 4Speed TS 350. An innovation “made in Switzerland”. Patented construction, perfect quality and unique design. Three elements for one exceptional timekeeper that satisfies all the requirements of the athletes and fans.

Construction: The first watch with a patented active suspension. Therefore the Formex 4Speed TS 350 is basically more shock resistant and also offers a higher wearing comfort. Thanks to this patented active suspension, the watch adapts perfectly to the wrist.
Quality: Robust and shock resistant, water resistant to 100 meters, swiss precision quartz movement, sapphire crystal, carbon dial, titanium/stainless steel watchcase and bracelet.
Design: The first watch with a pure Tachometer dial which allows you to check your speed after each kilometre. Moreover, the bezel with the Tachometer look as well as the inbus screws give you a feeling of motor sports pure, robustness and technology.

Facts & figures Formex 4Speed TS 350
Sale and distribution: Formex Watch Ltd., Nidau/BE Switzerland
Number of models: 5 in different coloured bezel and dial
Scratch proof sapphire glass up to 2000 Vickers
Waterproof up to 100 meters
Recommended sales price: Swiss Frs. 1'490.—

Accessories:Exclusive aluminium box
Inbus keys for bracelet changing
Supplementary leather strap

For further information
Daniel W. Bartl, General Manager Phone +41 32 333 24 55

Formex Watch Ltd, Schlossstrasse 10, 2560 Nidau/Switzerland
E-Mail: [email protected]